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RECAAD Labs is a Software Training Center, here to aid in the development of a wide range of technical skills. Our goal is to increase students’ competencies in common software such as Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel) and technical-based software (AutoCAD, Solidworks). From advantageous courses to international certifications, RECAAD Labs empowers each student with invaluable knowledge and essential, applicable skills for an ever-changing job market. RECAAD Labs is Your Foundation for Technical Education.


Meet our Founder

As a young child, Traci’s passions were a mix of Mathematics, reading, drawing, and a strong desire to help others. She was influenced by great educators at Sacred Heart Girls’ RC School and St. Joseph’s Convent Port-of-Spain, as well as a family of teachers and principals. While studying Mechanical Engineering in 2008, she was introduced to the concept of 3D Modelling by use of a program called PRO-E. Though unable to complete her degree, Traci returned to Trinidad in 2011 with an undaunted passion for computer-aided design, and sought to find the locally-used equivalent to this software.

She stumbled upon CTCL, an Autodesk Training Centre in Chaguanas, and after just one class, Traci was convinced that she wanted to teach AutoCAD. After completing the three levels, and many months of daily phone calls to the school about teaching opportunities, Traci was hired as an assistant lecturer in 2012, and then later as a full time one.

Traci longed to do more. Though happy with her job, she wanted to offer more robust programs to the general public. In 2015, she accepted the position of draughtsperson and ATC Manager at Advanced Intelligent Modelling Solutions (AIMS Ltd), where she educated hundreds of students in South Trinidad in the use of AutoCAD, Revit Architecture and Fusion 360.

Yet again unsatisfied, Traci concluded that with her own Training Centre, she would be well positioned to offer the best technical education to her students. Thus, after many years of patience and planning, RECAAD Labs was born in 2021.

The Foundation of Technical Education

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